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Water damage is the most common cause of property damage. Sewer backups, floods, or even burst water pipes can be very destructive inside a property. VMPros local certified specialists provide water mitigation and drying techniques exceeding industry standards.

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Scope of work.

Our goal is to make you whole. This step by step process from beginning to end, is how it's done.


Initial Assessment:

  • Conduct a detailed inspection to assess the extent and category of water damage.
  • Identify the source of water intrusion and address any safety concerns.


Water Extraction and Removal:

  • Use high-powered pumps and extraction equipment to remove standing water from the affected area.
  • Extract water from carpets, upholstery, and other porous materials to facilitate drying.


Drying & Dehumidification Solutions:

  • Set up industrial-grade dehumidifiers and air movers to accelerate the drying process.
  • Monitor humidity levels and adjust equipment as needed to ensure thorough drying.


Cleaning and Sanitization:

  • Clean and sanitize affected surfaces, furniture, and contents using appropriate disinfectants.
  • Remove any debris, mud, or contaminants brought in by the water.


Moisture Monitoring and Documentation:

  • Regularly monitor moisture levels in the affected area to track the progress of drying.
  • Document moisture readings, temperature, and humidity to evaluate the effectiveness of the restoration process.


Structural Repairs and Restoration:

  • Assess the need for structural repairs, such as drywall replacement or flooring repairs.
  • Coordinate with contractors if major repairs or reconstruction are required.


Final Inspection and Clearance:

  • Conduct a final inspection to ensure that the affected area is thoroughly dried and restored.
  • Perform necessary tests to confirm that moisture levels are within acceptable ranges.
  • Provide documentation and clearance certificates as proof of successful water restoration.

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